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Lidiane Mambrini

 Lidiane Mambrini a registered Royal Academy of Dance professor and mentor at the Royal Faculty of Education, member of the Danse/Unesco Paris International Council, and takes dance classes at the University of Michigan in the United States.

   She graduated as a dancer from the Royal Academy of Dance London 2003/2006, with the distinction grade awarded in the Advanced 2 certificate.

  Graduated in the Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) method, professional dancer registered by the Dance Union of Rio de Janeiro and registered with the Regional Council of Physical Education CREF / MG

  Lidiane was a professional dancer at Companhia de Dança Sesi-Minas for five years, and is currently a freelance dancer throughout Brazil and the United States, often invited to jury contests and to teach dance workshops.

  As a dance teacher, she has 24 years of experience teaching children, youth and adults.  She is also an award-winning choreographer, with extensive experience in adapting ballet repertoire for small and large schools.

  An art producer implementing several successful companies, Lidiane was the creator and director of the dance competitions Circuito Internacional da Dança, Dança das Gerais and Pan American Dance, all of which have an international reach.

  Her love of dance goes even further as she currently directs and coordinates the

  Always Dance USA and writes articles about dance education for his column in Jornal da Dança Brasil.

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